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Large branches over my roof....should I worry?

Trees with a large canopy are beautiful, provide shade and can add a stately look to your property and landscape. But, when branches start hanging over or touching your roof, there are risks to a home or building. Let's take a look at the risks and drawbacks of tree branches over a home.

  • with dense shade from tree branches on your home it can cause mold to develop. Long range this can cause problems for the structure, for personal heath and the aesthetics of the mold being present.

  • When strong winds or storms come around, that's when structural damage can occur from large limbs or even entire trees failing that can have severe impact on a home or building.

  • Clogged gutters from leaves is another consequence. It is important to keep gutters clear of leaves and debris so that water can be directed away from your home as the gutters were designed to do.

  • Branches can even cause scratching problems for roofs, siding & gutters. Ultimately damage that will need attention.

  • Also to consider is that branches too close to the home can be a highway for unwanted pests and critters to get into you home.

These problems do not mean that you need to remove nice tree, but it probably means that you need the help of a tree expert like the Pros from ProMark to guide you through an evaluation for proper pruning. Our visit will also allow you us to evaluate potential hazards help you to understand the importance of correcting the problem.

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