Liberty Coating in Morrisville Pa was excited to see their Bucks County business growing and expanding.  As a pipe coating company they needed a lot of room to store their pipes prior to being coated.  The problem they soon faced was that they were running out of room in their yard to store pipe.  Now adjacent to their current yard was a 3 acre parcel of land that they could rent for pipe storage.  However, the land was covered with a collection of various trees and very high, thick brush.
They called ProMark and we were ready to help.  We looked at the work, provided an estimate, and were hired by Liberty Coating to clear the area for them.  Our crew showed up on the assigned day, and after 3 days of hard work, had the entire parcel cleared of the trees and high brush.   After we were finished Liberty Coating was able to further prep the land for pipe storage and in short time stacks of pipe began to be stored on that parcel, waiting to be properly coated, and shipped around the world.
ProMark was happy to provide our tree removal services to a quality company as they expand and grow.
We recently received and arial view of the land now in full use.  Take a look at the before and after pictures!

Liberty Coating-before 3

Liberty Coating rail side Bucks County before
Over Grown Bucks County Lot

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