Frequently Asked Questions:

How long has ProMark been in business?

ProMark has been taking care of trees for both residential and commercial customers for over 30 years.

Does ProMark have certified arborists on staff?

Yes, we have certified arborists on our staff who are able to expertly advise you on any issue regarding your trees. ProMark arborists are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Is ProMark fully insured and licensed?

Yes, ProMark is a licensed contractor and is full insured for property damage, liability, and workers compensation.

Does ProMark practice safety standards set by OSHA?

Yes, ProMark does seek to follow OSHA standards and continues to train and educate our workers to keep all jobsites as safe as possible.

Is the ProMark staff trained in proper pruning and tree care techniques?

Yes, Pro Mark has 2 arborists on staff and have a rigorous tailgate training course for all our workers.

Does ProMark supply a written estimate and a scope of work?

Yes, our ProMark staff associate will provide you with a free written estimate. Often times the estimate is presented to you the day of our initial visit. If not the same day, then we will email you an estimate and scope of work within 24 hours.

Does ProMark provide emergency services?

Yes, after a wind storm, ice storm, or any major weather event we are on-call ready to respond to your needs.

Can ProMark produce a multi-year management plan for properties with many large, mature trees?

Yes, a multi-year management program is a great idea for properties with lots of trees. We encourage this proactive approach and will be happy to present you with a multi-year plan that will save you money and maximize the health of your trees.

How do you remove stumps?

We grind our stumps down to a depth up to 12” down. Remove the old stump grindings, soil and seed the area to promote grass growth.

How long will my tree care project take?

No two projects are exactly alike, therefore, a ProMark associate will need to visit your property and carefully examine your distinct tree care issue. Once he has a chance to see and evaluate your situation, he can give you an approximate estimate of how long the project will take. Some projects can be finished in a couple of hours, others may take 2-3 days.

What kind of equipment does ProMark use?

Our estimators and crews evaluate the job and then make a plan regarding what equipment we need to get the job done right. Equipment we might use include chainsaws, wood chippers, buckets trucks, cranes, bobcats etc. Rest assured, ProMark is equipped to handle even the biggest of tree jobs.

Does ProMark provide references for their work?

Yes, ProMark will provide you a list of references upon your request.

What kind of payment options do you have?

ProMark accepts all major credit cards, personal checks, and money orders.

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